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“At a major event designed for those affected by off shoring, Dilip was a panelist on the topic. To the 300-plus attending, many of whom were out and looking for 2-3 years, Dilip threw an open challenge: 'anyone raising their hand gets to work with me and I will help them get their dream job in 90 days.' As I had been jobless for  2-1/2 years I volunteered. Working with Dilip and following some unusual advice, I landed my dream job just in three months and the job did not even exist; I created it!” --Karen H.

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Prices are in U.S. dollars and are effective May 1, 2005.

Item Description Price
1S Résumé Review and Critique: Review your emailed résumé and provide an actionable critique (for edits see #3S) based on template in item #1P - Winner Pack (Products Section). $50
2S Cover Letter Review: We’ll review your letter (for edit see #3S) and provide a critique. Price includes two reviews or a letter review with the job description. $20
3S Telephone Support in résumé writing and development: (We will advise post #1S and work with you. Also available for Marketing Plan/Letters. $150
Per Hour
4S Marketing Plan: Review Marketing Plan and Critique by email. $40
5S Professional Coaching: (This is provided over the phone on a topic agreed to before the call. Please call/email ahead on how best to maximize this service. Per hour (Minimum one hour, then half hour @ $75.00 each.) $150
Per Hour
6S In-Person Career Coaching and Counseling: (Call for packages and special rates). Job Coach is a monthly service for a fee. $150
Per Hour
7S Job Coach: (Three packages are offered: Professional, Executive, and Custom. See Individual Services) Please Call
8S Career Coach: (Three packages are offered: Professional, Executive, and Custom) Please Call
9S Consulting rate: (Businesses and corporate) Please Call
10S Seminars and Workshops: Fees vary (Open enrollment or Customized). Please Call


OUR PROMISE: If you are not satisfied with our service please let us know immediately and we will work with you to correct it in a way that you consider fair. Because of what we sell, there are no refunds.  
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