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“As someone who lived in three countries and speaks as many languages, immigrating and then finding a job here was a challenge. I have good writing skills, but a pronounced accent. Some interviewers  even told me to go to a speech therapist. After nearly 18 months of this I called Dilip. He, in just one session, coached me  on what I was projecting and  needed to do by myself. Dilip also helped me redo my resume, showing me how to leverage my multi-country background. Well, two weeks later I was offered a great job--Diana Wilkotz, Fremont, CA.

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1P Winner Pack: (This packet consists of a winning résumé template (see our Success Stories), sample résumés, ASCII résumé sample, SIMPLE tool, two dynamite cover letters, two articles: Résumé Design, Reinventing Yourself, a Cover Sheet, and CTU offerings). $40
2P No longer available N/A
3P Winning Cover Letters: (A continually refreshed portfolio of five winning cover letters: For posted jobs that go with your résumé, for unposted jobs, for nonexistent jobs, all in a variety of situations. Current Pack is @ Rev-15: July 1, 2006 Visit us frequently to get updated revisions.


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