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“The power of  Dilip's trenchant approach and the unique books he has written flows from the fact that what he does and shows are based on his first-hand experience working with clients only after the job-market meltdown that started in 2001. That is why his insights are so fresh, timely, and potent. Most other authors and counselors have merely tried to extend or revise what they already knew from their past and apply it to the present, and it simply does not work. This is a paradigm shift and Dilip gets it ” --A client.

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Some articles listed below are based on similar material in the book, The 7 Keys to a Dream Job: A Career Nirvana Playbook! and Dilip's two other titles. These articles are often an expanded version of what is in the book, with fresh updates and the most recent experiences from author’s ongoing practice. Most articles are $2.50 per copy, except those that are extensive; they are priced at $5.00 per copy (shown at the end of the write-up).

Item Description (All products are PDF and will be sent to you after receipt of payment. They are NOT downloadable from here)
5P1 Résumé Design: A detailed discussion of how a winning résumé should be designed with examples of specific elements. 7 pages
5P2 Reinvent: How to reinvent yourself in this job market, using your portfolio skills and creating a message of value for different targets. 6 pages
5P3 Acing the Interview: This extensive article covers all aspects of interviewing, starting with the phone call and ending with a Thank you note. 26 pages. $5.00 per copy.
5P4 Win-Win Negotiations: This article highlights how to negotiate what you want regardless of the economic conditions and get what you want and then some. Actual examples. 11 pages.
5P5 Guerilla Marketing: How to use unconventional approaches to jobs search and create differentiation for yourself. 4 pages.
5P6 The Networking Paradox: This article challenges networking myths and shows four categories of job seekers. It demonstrates why mere networking is not enough! 8 pages.
5P7 Contracting: Contracting is a promising alternative for full-time jobs now. Read this article to see how contracting campaign differs from a job search. Two résumé. 5 pages. Examples are shown.
5P8 Job-Search Targeting: Read this article to see merely sending a response to a job opening is not enough. 1 page.
5P9 Job-search Etiquettes: Learn how etiquettes can give you an edge in this world of boorish mannerisms. This tutorial will take you beyond mere job search. 11 pages.
5P10 The Age Advantage: Read how age can defeat your best-laid plans. Learn how to overcome age perceptions and develop strategies to get what you want. Two age-transparent résumés included (a 23 year-old graduate and a 63 year veteran). 6 pages.
5P11 Understanding Job Trends: The complexion of jobs is changing rapidly. Learn how to use that knowledge to create a message to get the job you dream. 11 pages.
5P12 Job Fairs Demystified: Job fairs are meat markets of the employment world. Many jobseekers go to job fairs and come back frustrated. If you want to maximize your time at a fair this is a must-read article. 5 pages.
5P13 The Messaging Challenge: How your message is influenced by the state of your mind and other factors. This article shows how to understand the forces that affect the power of your message and how to boost the power of your message by changing your view and by differentiation.
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